Kandy from smoke filled streets to mountain breeze…..


Conversion of trishaws fleet in town area in CNG as power source[ Compressed Natural Gas], a distinct possibility as quite a few  successful projects of the above nature have been done in South Asia in recent times
Moving of bus stations in the middle of town to periphery of town. Already there exists sufficient space for relocation of bus stations to the borders of town .a shuttle bus service could then be used to transport needy passengers from the city center. And the maximum walking distance may not be prohibitively long for most of the visitors to city.
Imposing restrictions on private cars during peak hour of 630 am to 8 am. And from 430 pm to 6 pm .This could encourage the transportation of school children by other modes of transportation such as van or bus. Or a higher levy payment regime to discourage motor car usage is also another option.
Restrictions on heavy vehicles. Vehicular movements through the town could easily be restricted to late nights till dawn .as day time transport could be handled through the by-pass options which are available
Imposing of restriction on parking of vehicles in all the streets. The nuisance of parking in narrow streets have been a major factor of congestion with a majority of these vehicles actually stay parked throughout the day. Construction of a vehicle parking facility at the peripheral are of town is the only large scale investment needed to bring about a positive change to the existing cauldron which is Kandy.
Setting up a vehicle car parking facilities in the entry points to Kandy.
Conversion of cross streets in to walking areas.as the narrow streets cannot afford decent pavements the most viable option could be to convert the cross streets to promenades till midnight .thus opening up parts of the town to business during most of the day and night. Cross streets serve little purpose even today by way of traffic facilitation
Development of by-pass roads in order to limit the traffic movement in to the city. Traffic to and from Kurunegala, Matale and Mahiyangana could be directed via Gohagoda by pass which is already in a decent state to handle the burden. This would only leave the traffic from the peripherals to utilize the roads through the town.
All it needs is the will as most of the means already exist…
Bu sadly, the WILL has been what Kandy lacks..

                                                                                                                              -Kelum Samarasena-



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