GIRLS SHOE HISTORY From 1960’s to 2000’s



The 1960 likes the 1920 was a decade for the young. Those days ladies dress in a childish androgynous fashion. Gone were the days of the refined and elegant 1950s women with high heels. The new generation wanted to be comfortable, free spirited and cheap! Couture shoe fashion was replaced by street fashion. Expensive materials and long life was snubbed for penny saving.

1960 shoe styles reflected the change in fashion. Instead of big heels, shoes were now flat. Many had small square heels, just like doll’s shoes. So theses shoes are more comfortable and easy to live.



In early 1970s boots were at the height of their popularity, continuing on ward from the mid 1960s. Women had boots for every occasion, with a wide variety of styles being sold in stores for affordable prices. The most popular boots were GO-GO Boots. Those boots ended just below knees.



What did women wear in the 80’s ? In 80s most popular shoes wear Jelly Shoes. Jelly sandals were very common among teenagers. These shoes called Jellies. Jellies were cool but problem is after wear it an hour or two they were completely full of foot sweat. So after sometimes those shoes ignore by girls.



A women can selected from a broad range of styles to suit every mood, business, or social occasion. Comfortable law heeled walking shoes, high stilettos, and mid height heels are executed in a variety of  leathers suede’s and fabrics. 1997 younger crowd adopted the style in bright new colours, complete with a high block heel. And also younger girls wear strappy sandals with block heels. In 1998 block heels change to slimmer heels. Slimmer heel shoes have not yet ousted.



In 2000s  many different shoes were popular among younger crowd. UGG boots were very common in Europe those days. UGG Boots wore for large part of the decade. Those days girls love gladiator sandals. And also very famous FLIP FLOPS. Flip flops were there in different colours made by different materials. Some are two three inches high. Casually women wear strip sandals. And slimmer high heels for office and parties.


-Piumi Ranathunga-









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