I will pay $100,000 for you, but I want to defeat this match.  Can you do that?” above dialogue is an example for MATCH FIXING.

Match fixing is one of the part in sports. It’s an unethical and illegal deed. But most of the rich people drastically involve to do match fixing. Businessmen, sons of the ministers, owners of the different sports councils and lots of people are engaging with match fixing. Cause then they can extra excess money. In present, match fixing becoming a huge business behind the ground. It has an especially established market in society. It’s known as BLACK MARKET, as well as UNDERGROUND MARKET.


MATCH FIXING is about, racketeers hunting the players from their money and racketeers will be able to change the situations in the match. Racketeers always identify the player’s economic position and they are trying to tackle the player’s psychologically and emotionally. Then players are automatically willing to do the match fixing.

Match fixing is exactly an illegal deed. So, authorities has established lots of rules and regulations for the game protection and those are very stiff. Authorities take hard actions against match fixers. These actions are following nether,

1) Authorities appoint a massive amount of fine to match fixers.

2) Cancel their entire business license.

3) Lockup in the jail for a long time period or lifetime.

4) Prohibiting the player’s ability to play for the lifetime.
Additionally hereto those actions, authorities should consider many solutions for this difficulty. Because authorities should always protect the players and governance to the player’s attitudes. And must gives the knowledge about ethics and legal process in the game.

So, we must defend the players from any impairments. Because they are our future expectations. Lets always disdain match fixing. We should be an objection to match fixing.

-Tharindu Liyanage-



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