Sigiriya Graffiti



Sigiriya Graffiti which are scribbled on the mirror wall, which contain a greater historical value, are estimated to include over 1800 pieces of prose, poetry & commentary written by ancient tourists. They offer a fascinating insight into the history of Sigiriya and the evolution of language in Sri Lanka over a period of 800 years. Some of the graffiti were as follows.

‘Wet with cool dew drops
Fragrant with perfume from the flowers
Came the gentle breeze jasmine & water lily
dance in the spring sunshine.
Side-long glances of the golden hued ladies stab into my thoughts
Heaven itself cannot take my mind
as it has been captivated by one lass
among the five hundred I have seen here.’


‘the girl with the golden skin enticed the mind & eyes
Ladies like you make men pour out their hearts
And you also have thrilled the body
Making it stiffen with desire..’

‘A deer eyed maiden of the mountain side arouses anger in my mind
In her hand she holds a string of petals,
& in her eyes she assumes rivalry with me..’

‘The five hundred damsels arrest the progress of him who is going to heaven
With their gentle smile & the fluttering of their eye-lids, the damsels stood here,
enslaved me who had come to the summit of the cliff..’


                                                      –Mihiravi Gunasekara-



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