“Slum mongrel”, “Beast”,
The arrant nonsense,
Harrowing and quivering.
Stygian voyage, coarse,
Neath the sheets, corrugated,
Astaraxy, an endearing flame,
Still dwindling to meet the death.
Reticent soul, gaze the other,
Enrapture the smile, ostensible.

Blithe aurora, the herald,
Only of the aristocrats, mundane,
Ran through eminent pages.
Masticates every bit of ocean,
Poises and transcend the knowledge.
Nowise, the fame plummeted hard,
Mud of taunts, irascible.
Up-heave the fame, “Sir”, forsooth.
Embarrass the rest, nonetheless treating.
Horrendous grimace inscribed deeply.

Slum mongrel, favor for the world,
Gazing helplessly through the hearts.
Aristocrats rescues the feat from mob,
Incredulous the fame they got.

Skeptic would brood consciously,
Who is the slum mongrel, pristine?
Ought to be a lad of the hell.


-Osanda Janandith Thenuwara-



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