The Law of Attraction

“All that we are is result of what we have thought”-Lord Buddha

“Imagination is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions”-Albert Einstein

Law of Attraction illustrated on a Blackboard

As the above quotations the law of attraction is about how things happen according to our way of thinking. Just for example, if you want to get something think positively about that; you will surely get that if you believe in your belief.

It’s all about our way of thinking. If we think good, happy, positive things then we will get good, happy and positive things. All the parts of our lives like career, education, health and finance are affected by the law of attraction.

Focusing on right things is the key, but actually it is very hard, most of times if you don’t have well practiced mind. But there are few way to get the use of the law of attraction to anyone.

The first and very popular way is “the vision board”.

The first step is making your own vision board. List all your needs, you can use words, phrases and of course pictures too. The key is it should clearly define your desire. Then when it seems your vision board is okay, you can hang it where you can see it almost every time. It will not get you closer to your goals, but will surely will influence you and remind what is to be done. Make sure, each time you see the board, feel great, feel exited, and feel happy like you have already achieve the goals. Emotion plays huge role in attraction.

The next way is “Affirmation”.

Affirmation will reinforce positive feelings. For example, think you are sick and you want to get healthy. So you can think “Now I’m healthy. My body is very strong”. Imagine you have been already cured. But be careful, you should reinforce positive feelings, not negative feelings. So DON’T think like “I want to get rid of sickness”, because “sickness” is behind the thought. Here also emotion tight to intention is very important.


Another effective way is “Visualization”.

First you should stay calm with a peaceful mind. I recommend you should do this after meditation. Then choose a calm and quite environment, may be with light music. Then visualize your goal. DON’T think about the path to the goal. Here also emotion tight to intention and positive thinking is very important.

And don’t obsess, trust what you are doing. You should not think that law of attraction will bring anything while you’re sit and wait. You should track opportunities. You must know that miracles doesn’t happen like miracles. Law of attraction will give you the opportunity, you should make use of it.

Checkout this video too…..

The Law of Attraction Explained – More money, better relationships and a happier life!

I just remember a story. There was a man who is devoted for the god. One day there was a flood and all the people in the village went to hill tops but this man didn’t. He was on the roof of his house. Water level rose but the man didn’t went away. Then a boat came and asked to come with them and he would not have a chance to survive. But he didn’t come and said “God will rescue me”. The boat went away.

Water level rose and a motor boat came to the man and asked to come with them, but he replied the same answer “God will rescue me”. The motor boat also went away. Water level rose and a helicopter came to rescue the man and said this would be his last chance to survive. But he said “God will rescue me”. Helicopter went away; water level rose and man died. After he went to heaven he accused God that why didn’t he rescue him. Then god asked “Then who else send the boat, motor boat And the helicopter”

TRUST yourself, make use of EVERY opportunity.




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