Aurora, blithe, the emblem of merriness,
The blossoms of elegance, wiggled passionately.
Exuberant aroma thrived the enchantment,
Even the dwindled laughter , ignited in zest.

Crimson coiffure of virescent garth,
Poised an innocuous testament, sturdily.
Bees, rapt, soared round a blossom,
Which the semblance rather heart, grabbed the minds.

A bee, lachrymose, gazed at the heart,
Indeed the heart, than the semblance.
Apocalypse, the fate of aspiration,
The innocuous heart shrilled for the ether.

The courtiers of blossom, rutilant,
Cuddled the smile, life on their hands,
Exasperated eyes, sought the merriness,
Far away, the bee flew for life,

Tears of the bee, revealed the solitude.

-Osanda Janandith Thenuwara-


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