The Aurora Of Heart


The aurora of the heart
that unfolds a story yet unuttered.
The semblance of two souls,
A bond ordained by heavens.

An emotion of utmost sensitivity
that feels the slightest mirth or despair.
Yet a supernatural force of miracle
to heal the villain or to tame the beast.

The sweetest drug of poison sometimes
blinds thy sight, & a place
cloistered from the rest of the world
but for each other an everywhere

A swift shaft by the Cupid’s best bow;
a journey charioted by the Venus’s doves.
A flame through the glitz of eyes blazing;
the zealous passions of overwhelming ardor.

A triumph; the glorious goal attained,
that nurtures the dreams scattered apart,
and outlives the purest hopes of heart,
the nobility of ceaseless love, eternal

-Mihiravi Gunasekara-



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